Sunday, 17 October 2010

Old Levi's Denim Banners

After looking all over, Ebay, Japenese Vintage sellers, and finding a fair few, the world of denims banners has opened up. Such a cool way of advertising, esp as they use old Narrow Ring Ring Selvage Denim. Not only a work of art, but the denim its printed on is Antique. Two for the price of one, if your denim nut like me its one of the ultimate things to be hanging behide your head. Just look at Jason Denham, he has a few behide him... I can happily say Ive just secured this Real one, not reproduction from a japanese seller: check out the video of one just like it at antiques roadshow.
Jason Denham in his studio...
Levi's Cinch LVC Shop in London, has a vintage Banner from Ebay hanging above its Denim, enough said !

Of course its not just our friends at Levi's that do sort over banners - Wranger Bluebell, lee, Evisu, practically everyone has done this wonderful concept, and will continue to do so.

Here are some others i have found while searching for mine, some are printed on card.

I brought mine from a Nice Japanese Seller called Tomo-san at >