Friday, 28 February 2014


Here at ENDRIME we are busy finishing our selling period of our AW14 collection - Busy finishing designing SS15, and just about to update ENDRIME Website with SS14 -  NON stop here -
Check out our SS14 Lookbook below - Most styles will be available on ENDRIME.COM in early March 2014  

SHITDENIM 2 Year Anniversary

I run a few other blogs - one of the more popular blogs is
Its now coming up to the 2nd Anniversary of this blog, which has many followers, and quite well respected in the denim Industry.

I was recently asked a question a few weeks back: "Can you explain the reasoning for naming your blog this?"

Its quite funny, I've never written down the concept behide it, I do tell it to a few people who ask, but i thought it would be nice to share. here my answer:

"I've been a denim designer for 12/13 years now. About 2 years ago near the final months while i was working at DKNY JEANS. i was discussing with a Colleague, the topic of the amount of research we had collected over 3 years in the role. 

Most designers don't like to show where they get there ideas from, or where they get Influenced. I'm the complete opposite. I like to share everything and show the process. And educate. That day i righted clicked a folder i had which i collected images and videos from denim factorys and ref samples. It was well over 40,000 images. And few hundred videos- most of these were images i had used for inspiration for presentations across 6 seasons - and would not be using anytime soon. (just 3 years worth). I joked that most designers would just put them on a hard drive and forget about them. 

Then I joked I should upload all the 'shit denim' I was no longer using. Kinda release really. 
I believe - its important to let go of ideas, ( esp ones I'm not using) this way it leaves more room for me to think... Plus I know it could help other denim designers.  

That day, I bought then got the tumblr / twitter name. By the evening I had uploaded about 200 pictures on 90% were my own.  With in 2 weeks I had over 100,000 pages views, highsnobiety had featured me as top 5 tumblrs... Not bad for few hours work. 

It was funny. As now there are many denim blog sites... My rule was to always credit if it was not my image, and For the last few years I just use my Original Content and try not to blog others people stuff too much. There's still loads I want to upload ESP from my many Japan trips round kojima etc.. But I really like to show as many denim videos as possible as i wanted it to become a denim Resource Destination... "