Wednesday, 6 March 2013

ENDRIME Fall 13 Preview

Since coming back to London in June 2012, and setting up my Denim workshop in East London, things have been non stop... I went on a Massive Denim Pilgrimage in September 2012- starting in China, and ending up in Kojima Japan. I hope to post up details on my trip, in Mohsin Special Blog in coming months. ( i took over 5000 pictures and 200 videos) High lights were visiting KAPITAL, JOHNBULL and factories and meeting the Shiotoni brothers of Japan.. (WAREHOUSE) 

Todays post, is well over due. For the past 9 months, I have been hard at work Developing my own brand: ENDRIME.  

Ergonomic tailoring and pattern cutting and modern clean construction’s lay at the heart of ENDRIME. Constant battle / balance of clean and complicated design. I always enjoyed complicated pattern cutting. I hate copying other brands – and it’s a waste of talent. True design is moving things forward. There are way too many Levi's Clone brands, all doing the same thing...

My aim was to design a concept collection which would be made exploring modern and lost constructions methods and combining research in uncharted areas in Denim Design. I dislike cheap methods of production esp using overlocking machines. There are better / clever ways to finish a garment, since the 1950s. I also believe that the inside of the garment is just as important as the outside.

Im excited to see how ENDRIME grows in the coming years ahead.  Please enjoy the Preview AW13 Look book... 


  1. Absolutely amazing! It's refreshing to see a break from the traditional while still embracing it.

  2. Hello, Mohsin!
    I am studying fashion design at the moment at the University of Westminster and we are having a jeans project.. That's how I ran across your blog. I also graduated from CSM with a distinction on their foundation course.. I want to help you. Let me intern with you.

    I'll give you my phone number. Contact me if you like at 0797 222 7332

    Thank you..
    Filothea Favatas