Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Union Special 39200AE... Sussed !!!

Since i bought my Union Special 39200AE Sewing Machine, ive been on the hunt everything about it. I have managed to find the instructions, which have some amazing hand sketches of every single component.

But what i really wanted to know is how to thread the thing... There seems to be nothing on the Internet about it, just a few others asking the same question... So i have made it my mission to work it out, and post it up online... There have been two clues, which have aided me. To my delight, 2 images from other sellers selling the same machine have come my way - The image on the right im confirming is not correct - but the one on the left is bang on….

I have made things easy - each cone / thread is a different colour, and i have taken picture at each process - and numbered each step.. The Middle 2nd thread is a right pain to thread, esp as its goes inside the machine. I took me a while to figure it out - If the below images are too small, download a nice handy PDF here:


Enjoy ! You are using a Union Special Machine that was made in 1920 !


  1. Hello, congratulations for the post, very interesting!
    I have some questions:
    What is the price for a machine like this? What does it cost to restore it? is It used to sew denim or other fabrics?

  2. Hi I was lucky, i got my 39200, for $400USD, very cheap, as they normally go for $1000-$2000... shipping cost me another $200
    to get a new table, about $200-$300 USD, with motor and new light etc... plus cost for someone to service it... ( i cheated at the begining and slapped an mini singer motor in the back but its on a table now.
    I also got replacement Looper needles just in case ( about $30-$50 each) the main needles are easy to find, if u know a good sewing machine specialist, other wise ebay again... it can be used to sew many fabrics, and its a over locker.. but ill be using it for denim :0 - let me know how it goes and if u need any help hunting down yours - regards Mohsin

  3. Hi,thanks for the answer, I'm looking info for create a small production of selvage Denim with old machines,but take info is difficult.
    On the web there aren't info about the Union S.39200 except for your precious information.
    I would be happy to see how this machine works on denim,because I could buy It for a good price,if you have any photos of the works with 39200...please post It.
    Thanks,regards Pureindigo!!!

  4. Dear Sir, my name is Claudia, it took me a while to find any information about this machine, was a friend and I sold it very cheap, since my hobby is to cook and create things ... and really made ​​me very happy to find this tutorial, however be half as page and you no longer recommended. Ested could be kind enough to send me this tutorial or PDF, a program working with children and must do the disfracez ... to cut costs and we will make ourselves. Thank you in advance, I inform you that do not speak or write English, so a translator to write Use ... my email is claudiaandrea.rojas @ gmail.com

    And I congratulate you for taking the time to upload and share YOUR machine information.

  5. Posiadam overlock Union-Specjal 38200
    Sprzedam za pare groszy [300$}
    Prosze o odpowiedz
    e-mail bozenao54@o2.pl

  6. Hi mohsin,

    cannot find needle sizes for this machine,
    do you remember which ones you purchased from ebay?


  7. UY 150 GAS, UY 150 GS, 1373, UOX150 G

    if anyone was interested

  8. I want to sale Us 39200 AE overlock machine.
    Any one interesting?

  9. That realy was made in 1920?

  10. hallo
    sell overlock Union 39200.

    video here


  11. Howdy Moshin, I recently got a hold of the 39200F and can confirm this subtype has a different thread path for the lower looper much like the example on the right in your photo of the two. Would you happen to have a copy of the service manual for the 39200? All of your info and knowledge is much appreciated.